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Who is in your grave, buried a lifetime promise?

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Who is in your grave, buried a lifetime promise? 
By juny on Sep 29, 2012 01:54 AM

People alive are to change the world. Leader and follower difference lies in innovation. People this lifetime can't do too many things of Coach outlet online , so for every one should be done excellent. The only way to make some great is the love and creates your own career. As long as dare to think, not too much impossible, immediately jump out of the thinking frame it. Don't waste your time on someone else's life.

The people on the half: don't hesitate; People's Coach factory outlet online life: don't regret; Live in the present, grasp every opportunity, because the opportunity fleeting, for his own life find the way! Small, humor say; Not sure, says carefully; Happy matter, see place close said, Sad, do not see they say; Other people's thing, be careful of say; Their own things, listen to your own heart how to say, Now, just do it, The future, the future again. Love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice. 9 for 3 said, I in addition to you, or you, 4 to 2 and said, I except 2, or 2; 1 to 0 said, I besides you, everything is meaningless; 0 to 1 said, I besides you, that lonely own. “Mathematics is the most romantic, it more than anything else in the world to perfect, it never tell a lie, also won't betray.

Not once under the moon and flowers, no today Coach factory outlet think the prince? One thousand years of waiting, but only I love had not. A person's one way journey, a person's day and night, a person's may pour negative. That a deep-rooted of mutually, that moment for who sound reminders of rain. Burnout of elegance and talent, who turned into the other shore flower? Tomorrow the sun also raises, Angle can we meet? When tears into rain, at that moment, who pledge can also cycle? Clever pen difficult to book a paper pent up feelings of sadness, pale oath, all over but the years forgotten. 30 years, lost all the busy, blood dyed through their armor, who can help you reigns?
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