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Adidas superstars away  
By wj123 on Sep 15, 2012 03:13 AM
In adidas declared closed in China, the only retail factory soon, entertainment reporters from 2012 liuhua international garments festival and the sixth white horse clothing purchasing day we have learned that the domestic garment industry due to the cost pressure increase, has also present footwear clothing factory until the trend of southeast Asia. And many guangzhou liuhua business circle senior clothing people called for, should strengthen regional clothing brand advantage resistance from the negative influence of the economic downturn.adidas superstars
Previously adidas announced, "later this year will be closed in China directly under the only factory". In fact, adidas adidas nuove and not leave first, as early as in 2009, Nike is closed in China's retail factory, the production base to remove low cost of southeast Asia. And the Clarks, K - Swiss, Bakers and other international footwear giants in Vietnam, Indonesia to add production line. According to the nikkei news reports, the Japanese large clothing enterprise is also speed the production center of gravity from China to southeast Asia.
At the same time, China's manufacturers are also doing the same choice. "Now some counterparts in succession will move to southeast Asia factory. The main reason is that the labor cost is much lower than domestic, such as Vietnam, hire a garment worker as long as 500 yuan a month, India the lowest 250 yuan/person/month, Bangladesh is 300 yuan/person/month. But in guangzhou, only hire a lathe, every month minimum payment of 2500 yuan to 3000 yuan, in some high-end clothing enterprises to workers more to pay 4000 yuan monthly salary.adidas superstar vintage
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