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Ping K15 Suitable for review

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Ping K15 Suitable for review 
By maomao12 on Sep 08, 2012 02:43 AM
Although Ping G20 becomes hotter and hotter in the market, but now a large number of golfers still like Ping K15 Driver. Why? Because overcoming a slice is one of this driver's strong points.

The Ping K15 Driver has an elongated head design that combines with an external weight pad to position the center of gravity for higher launching and longer carry drives. It all adds up to a design that helps mid- to high-handicappers launch the ball higher, hit the ball longer, and split the fairways down the middle. A straight drive will give you more distance than a slice that ends up in the trees, and long and straight is even better!

The K15 driver resembles a slightly larger, slightly flattened G15. The large profile 460cc head and a club face that is longer heel to toe combine for consistent performance across the hitting surface. The overall design of the club positions the center of gravity low and back to generate high launch and low spin conditions.

The Ping K15 driver features the TFC 149D graphite shaft that uses high balance point technology that allows the head mass to increase without affecting swing weight or the overall club weight to allow clubhead speed to remain consistent. This allows the K15 driver to generate higher ball speeds for longer and straighter drives. Available in cheap golf club sets.

Ping's latest technological goodie is called SF Tec. SF Tec concentrates approximately 10% of head mass toward the heel which helps square the face of consistently straight tee shots. A larger face increases forgiveness and ball velocity for greater distance and accuracy. The larger surface area of the wholesale golf clubs face is 5% larger and is highly forgiving on off-center hits and generates faster ball speeds across the entire face.

Slightly wider than the Ping G15, the K15 still maintains a roundish appearance at address, but does look somewhat massive. That can either instill confidence or turn you off depending on your preference.
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