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How About The Ping K15 Irons In 2012?

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How About The Ping K15 Irons In 2012? 
By tiiy on Sep 06, 2012 03:41 AM
The latest Ping K15 Ironsis all about delivering big power and much forgiveness to make your games extremely easy. That is the reason why they are called super game improvement clubs. The K15 irons have lightweight titanium faces on stainless steel bodies, with the weight saved in the face repositioned to the sole and perimeter. The hybrids, Ping says, are lower-spinning and help golfers achieve a higher launch. And you can find cheap golf equipment in many online golf stores where there are discounts to help you save some money, then there is nothing bothering you.

TheK15 Ironsfeatures a titanium face, like its departed Rapture cousin, to produce long, straight ball flights and maximum forgiveness on miss hits. The K15 hybrid that complements the set is a slightly tweaked version of the G15, with more internal heel weighting to get the ball airborn and straight.

By using this weight to widen the sole of the Ping K15 Irons promotes a much higher ball flight even on those unfortunate miss hits while also greatly enhancing the moment of inertia (MOI). golf clubs for saleConfirming completely with the revised R&A groove rules the Ping K15 golf irons feature a larger clubhead to improve forgiveness and deliver a complete game improvement club.

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