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TaylorMade R9 Irons Really Improve My skills

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TaylorMade R9 Irons Really Improve My skills 
By maomao12 on Aug 31, 2012 03:22 AM
I usually use number 5 iron in the distance about 195 yards (of higher position of the place), then let the ball easily to fly on the green. But when I used R9 irons number 5, the ball was hit about the five yards bellow the green.

The R9 irons is built around a more classic clubhead appearance. The impression of the game-improvement wholesale golf clubs sale is taking a long distance ball far away, but sacrificed the club controlling. The game-improvement clubs' touch can never compare to the forging iron phase.

The long and middle irons in the R9 set are all about distance, while the short irons were designed separately with a focus on control and accuracy. Irons 3 through 6 incorporate a "Velocity Control Chamber" (VCC), an enclosed compartment sitting behind the ultra-thin clubface and that allows more of that face to be unsupported for more flex and rebound at impact.

It impressed me not only by the distance, the ball went over the green, but I can still control the ball very well. Also, short iron will be able to generate enough rotation, long iron have a higher flight trajectory, so it's very easy to let the ball parked in the putting green.

In the next day of the test, this kind of situation has always been there, whether I play No. 3 iron, No. 4 iron or No.5 iron, the ball flight distance are all further than I expected, and the flight path are not moreh different from before. When I hit No. 6 iron, No.7 iron and No.8 iron the distance is also further, and usually fall to the other side of the green. Needless to say, the performance of R9 shows great advance on distance.

To be frank, I love this Taylormade r9 irons very much. It really offers me distance and control-enhancing technologies in a classic shape.

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