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How Mizuno MP-59 Make Use

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How Mizuno MP-59 Make Use 
By maomao12 on Aug 30, 2012 03:07 AM
The Mizuno MP-59 Iron features a lightweight Titanium insert forged directly into the back of the Buy Golf Clubs head. The thicker Ti Muscle material behind impact ensures that the centre of gravity is located closer to the clubface, which allows better players the ability to work shots whilst still offering the forgiveness of the cavity-back design. The Mizuno MP-59 is an evolution of the successful MP-58 model. With the Ti weight added to the MP-59, off-center strikes will benefit from even greater stability. The appearance of the MP-59s is also improved by reducing the offset as a result of this improved stability. Thanks to the help of Mizuno's Tour Staff, the MP 59 irons now features a thinner top-line, a weightier sole and a new sole grind.
Mizuno MP-59 irons have been launched. Mizuno has forged a titanium pad into the back of the head using the weight saved by this move to improve forgiveness. Mizuno's Grain Flow forged feel and classic shallow cavity design will attract many low and mid handicap players. The Mizuno MP-59 irons will hit the shelves in autumn 2011.
Mizuno MP-59 irons used titanium for a completely different purpose—forgiveness. While the MP-59 is made from steel, 12 grams of titanium are forged into a pocket behind the face of each club.
In fact, the heads of the Mizuno MP-59 irons are slightly smaller than last season's Mizuno MP-58, the first irons released with this feature that Mizuno calls Ti Muscle. Yet Mizuno claims the clubs have a sweet spot that is 5 percent larger.
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