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mizuno mp 59 review

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mizuno mp 59 review 
By lindaduidui on Aug 29, 2012 06:12 AM
Few things in the golf equipment world puzzle me more than the reality that Mizuno mizuno mp 59isn’t the single biggest name in irons. Don’t get me wrong, we have seen some positively brilliant irons over the last couple of seasons from Titleist, Adams, and several others, but if you want to talk absolute class across an entire lineup, with enough unique designs to satisfy all ability levels and “suits your eye” preferences, nobody…and I mean nobody else in the industry delivers like Mizuno.

And yet, Mizunomizuno mp59 isn’t the #1 iron on tour. And that’s fine. I think most of you here probably understand that tour counts are driven largely by dollars. Having the most clubs in play is basically as simple as paying the most to have your clubs played by the best in the world. Mizuno isn’t the #1 brand of irons among the average crowd either. You can chalk that up to a relatively limited amount of advertising coupled with a prevailing notion that forged ironsmizuno mp-59 (which make up the lion’s share of the Mizuno lineup) are less forgiving and more difficult to hit than cast cavity backs. Pffft.

With all due deference to yesteryear, the forging of forgiveness has come along way, and while the MP-59s we’re discussing here are far from the pinnacle of forgiveness, not only do they get the damn job done, they’re an iron I’m excited to tell you is my personal absolute favorite among all the cavity backs we’ve put through this comprehensive review process.
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