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Why Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI Driver

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Why Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI Driver 
By maomao12 on Aug 24, 2012 07:30 AM
Why Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI Driver Is the World's Most Optimized Driver
TaylorMade is now marketing the new R9 SuperTri is the most optimized driver in the world. Why? Becauce in many aspects they may very well be correct. Now, I will represent them concretely:

TaylorMade has broken the mold on giving individuals the opportunity to optimize their driver by any means necessary. This Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI has the ability to take the club head from 2° close to 2° open, you can also move weights around in order to put more mass at the toe, heel or in the center of the club.

This Taylormade R9 driver has amazing feel, sound is perfect and looks sick. It's very long, forgiving, and suprisingly workable for a 460cc head. It's a pretty high spin club, so order a flex up or 1-2* less loft than you'd normally play to avoid ballooning. It comes stock with 3 weights and of course has FCT which allows for 8 different clubhead positions making for 24 different configurations.

There are also many other weights available and the FCT allows you to easily change shafts so this is practically hundreds of clubs in one. I've owned all Taylormade drivers from the R510 on up, and hit just about every major companies driver out there.

These adjustments allow you to configure the driver for your natural swing whether that be a hook, slice or bombing it right down the middle of the fairway. This allows you to alter the clubs optimization to turn the ball up to 75 yards left of the target line or right of target line while also giving you additional control over trajectory.

With a sleek black on black look combined with a 460 cc club head the Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI Driver is the driver of the future. I added 30 yards to my drives although there were changes in my swing as well. This clubs facilitated those changes however by allowing me to open the face slightly and move weight to the toe so I could swing aggressively without fear of hooking the ball.

In my opinion, this Buy Golf Clubs has a beautiful sound and feel. I very much prefer this driver over even the newer TaylorMade Burner 2.0 simply for look and feel and I will play it so long as the newer models have bright white heads and feel like an axe hitting mud.
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Why Taylormade R9 SUPERTRI Driver 
By jin1234i on Nov 19, 2012 05:04 AM
You change the club head's CG location to affect side-to-side flight up to 35 yards Flight Control Technology .

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