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"Swing Check Number 1

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"Swing Check Number 1 
By bluewith on Aug 17, 2012 03:06 AM
"Swing Check Number 1

First place a club or something straight down in front of you to give you a target line. Next, place Callaway FT Irons a second club or item straight down to show you your parallel position to your target line. This is where you will stand at address.

Now, take your address to the target line. Make sure your posture, grip, alignment and stance are correct and on the second parallel line.

As you start to swing the golf club in the take-away position, remember to turn your Ping K15 Irons shoulders away from the ball and donít move your arms to accomplish this, plus keep your head still as if you were over a ball.

Stop when the shaft of the club is parallel with the target line. Now, turn your head and look to see where your club face is pointed.

The club face should be pointed straight up and not to one side or the other. And TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Fairway Woods the shaft of the club should be on the same parallel line as the one on the floor. If it is not, stop and repeat this golf swing check until you can do this every time. This may take a while; be patient.
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