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"How to make the best use of titanium long club

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"How to make the best use of titanium long club 
By ceming913 on Aug 17, 2012 02:49 AM
How to make the best use of titanium long club

How to make the best use of titanium long club
From the ball seat will be ball
Your new titanium long rod is likely to be worse than the old long club longer, therefore, be sure Ping G20 Irons to focus on the rhythm of the swing and balance, until you to grasp the opportunity to feel satisfaction.
Widen bar head arc trajectory
To do this, the backward situation, as far as possible to open your arms. If you can keep a wide arc, you do not need to use more power swing can achieve ideal bar head speed.
Reduce the pressure is bar
No force can swing the ball very far away. Upper body shall first relax and put the right Ping K15 Irons grip rod pressure. You will soon found that the body's tone and grip rod pressure is lower, your rod head speed will become more.
Do a larger turning the shoulder movement
Larger turn hip movement in fact will make you unable to improve strength and bar head speed, because torque smaller make the lower half (foundation) remain stable, but at the same time make the shoulder is located in the ball of Ping G15 Irons the rear, thus reached good form.
Retracting elbow
Feel the best way to correct position is let down swing your right elbow close one side of the body. In this way, you can avoid brandish lever often make mistakes, so as to avoid the decrease of the strength.
Make your knee keep hard and bending
Will your legs imaginary for the foundations of the swing. If you shake the foundation of the indefinite, you don't have Cleveland CG7 Irons enough strength and ability to achieve the right turn.
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