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Beautiful high heel shoes

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Beautiful high heel shoes 
By DimiceliP on Aug 13, 2012 02:51 AM

The heel refers to a particularly high heel shoe. When someone wears the high heel shoe, her heel is higher than her toe. There are many different styles of high heels shoes, in particular, in the changes of the heel, such as thin heel, thick heel, Wedge-shaped heel, nail type heel, hammer type heel, knife type heel. Not only High-heel shoes can increase in height for the wearing person, but also more important factor is to enhance allure for the wearing person.

The high heels make a woman walk slowly and the stride become small, because the center of gravity moved to the foot heels, corresponding that the leg straight, the buttocks contraction, the chest straight and upright, so when the febiharsa. dresses, walks, the posture are in full of charm, coming into being the poise and charm of willowy .

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar has shot a movie called “high heels“. In the 1920s, women update a more open attitude on the clothing. And code of ethics is also a little loose; designers began to try to combine the “wedding dresses sale” sandals with high heels, becoming elegant dinner high-heel sandals.
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