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ZhouLuLu Olympic weightlifting championship

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ZhouLuLu Olympic weightlifting championship 
By Joedy on Aug 06, 2012 08:46 AM
Beijing time on August 6, in the Olympic game titles in London's 75 kg nfl jerseys weightlifting at greater ranges inside final, the za yantai ZhouLuLu girl, having a mixed 333 kilograms, won the championship. amongst them the fresh and jerk break the Olympic record, break the planet report with the complete grade; that is also the chinese language JuChongDui won this race five on the gold medal. Russia's karsh Rena primary runner-up. The Korean game enthusiasts prior to the large ZhangMeiLan, and I obtained the fourth. prior to the game, concentrate around the name in China ZhouLuLu, South Korea's ZhangMeiLan, Russia's card on her. ZhouLuLu inside 2011 Paris fiba planet championship name in 328 kg grade, produced the planet record. ZhangMeiLan is Beijing Olympic champion, and maintain the 187 kilograms New York Giants of fresh jerk planet record; Johnny money and 148 kilograms Rena stay the snatch of planet record.

Inside Beijing Olympic Games, China JuChongDui away from strategic considering do not Authentic NFL Jerseys participate inside women's 75 kilograms on the title. inside Athens Olympic game titles TangGongGong’score falt at the rear of ZhangMeiLan. At that time, the ZhangMeiLan snatch end result is 140 kg, fresh jerk for 186 kilograms, grade is 326 kg, and 3 scores have been produced the Olympic record. in the pre-match odds to win, ZhouLuLu graded primary in 1.9, Johnny money Rena 2, observed by South Korea's ZhangMeiLan seven in third. But inside training course of the game, Johnny money Rena showed powerful dominant, the two rivals left behind. inside snatch competition, the fat on the ZhouLuLu available 142 kg, Johnny money Rena is 144 kg, two persons are effectively lift. The second, ZhouLuLu 146 kilograms, try failed, 3rd ultimately went up. Karsh Rena thrusting, the next could be the 149 kg, and describe success! additional terrorist, Johnny money New York Jets Rena the amazingly hard to lift the 151 kilograms! To break by her individual retain 148 kilograms of snatch the planet record. At that time, Johnny money Rena having a blazing, indicates a temperamental predominance, a roaring!

In the snatch website link karsh Rena much less than 5 kilograms of ZhouLuLu, fresh nike nfl jerseys and jerk to website link using the demands is quite big. Karsh Rena primary raised 175 kilograms, fat than karsh Rena heavy ZhouLuLu, for inside fresh and jerk for active, available towards the fat of 181 kg, and describe success! The second, Johnny money Rena raised 181 kilograms, ZhouLuLu is raised 187 kilograms! Third, Johnny money Rena result 187 kg failure, name belongs to ZhouLuLu! Champions on the ZhouLuLu, 3rd towards the 190 kg, Oakland Raiders but his try failed. with the succeed ZhouLuLu she I really feel quite proud.
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