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3D Studio Author - asking typical poly counts.

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3D Studio Author - asking typical poly counts.  
By mlfarrell on Aug 05, 2012 06:17 PM
Hey guys.

Simple question really. I am a developer of a mobile (and recently desktop/mac) 3D application. It's nowhere near on competing terms with the "big" studios such as maya or 3DS max, but I wanted to see how far away I am from handling really complex scenes like those programs can.

So anyway, what are some typical poly counts for some of those really super realistic scenes that I see renderings of on the main page. I'm looking for numbers for the entire scene first, and then maybe for some of ghr individual models such as a street car, human, apple, etc.

My program doesnt ray trace, and when dealing with very complex files, it's strictly an on-the-go tweaker/editor - so Im just curious to see what my limits are with the current design.

Thanks a ton!
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