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Mizuno JPX-800 Driver in 2012 Most popular!

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Mizuno JPX-800 Driver in 2012 Most popular! 
By maomao12 on Aug 03, 2012 07:50 AM
It is commonly agreed that the Mizuno JPX 800 Driver is designed for players with high and mid handicap. It is mainly because of the fact that this driver is made to be forgiving with great distance. Isn't the forgiveness and distance what the high to mid players are looking for?
Mizuno JPX 800 is capable of providing extraordinary results. This driver will help you make contact with the ball without you needing to hit it on the centre of the face. Even then, it will go a great amount of distance and will not slice or hook all over the golf course. Very few drivers offer such remarkable features.
The Mizuno JPX-800 also has a very important component. This driver is made with crotch clubface technology that lets the driver have different layers of thickness. Such thickness gives maximum shot off the sweet spot and the best miss hits from the toe and the heel.
If you struggle from the tee box and you want to be more accurate, then you need to give the buy JPX 800 Driver a try. It is built with extra heel weight to help you square the club face at impact, which is perfect for anybody that slices or fades the golf ball. It also has more weight towards that back of the club head to allow you to get a higher ball flight and more distance.
Key Technologies: "Cortech" clubface has multiple thicknesses to produce consistent, high ball speed on mis-hits while "Ultimate Dynamic Stability" technology aids forgiveness. An internal 10-gram back weight shifts the CG deeper and increases launch angle, while an internal 5-gram heel weight makes it easier to square the clubface through impact.
All in all,for me ,the Mizuno JPX-800 driver could be a keeper and if you're in the market for a new driver, it deserves at least a look. Mizuno is a quality buy golf clubs maker, and the Mizuno JPX-800 driver might be good enough to convince a lot of players that it doesn't just make great irons.

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