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How About The Ping G15 Irons In 2012?

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How About The Ping G15 Irons In 2012? 
By tiiy on Jul 31, 2012 02:16 AM
There is an old saying goes: A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. It is true of golfers and their golf irons. An ideal iron is to a golfer is what condiments are to a cook. Only good condiments can make delicious food. Likewise, only excellent irons can improve and exert a golfer's golf-playing skills well. The PING G15 Irons are exactly what you need, which are proved to be part of the clamor made by golfing enthusiasts, claiming this iron to be a very good addition to an already popular trademark.

What helps PING achieve this effect is the new Custom Tuning Port (CTP), which can be considered to be the epicenter of the PING G15 Irons For Saletechnological advances. Based on the CTP in Ping G10, some improvements have been made. PING engineers reshaped and repositioned the CTP to save seven grams. The weight savings of a thinner face allowed the engineers to move weight to the perimeter, particularly the toe, improving forgiveness for off-center hits as well as increase MOI which provides the proper structure and ensures steady distance control and solid feel.

Not only doses their slightly thinner face design with more weight moved to the toe help to increase forgiveness, but also the lofts are stronger and the sole design slightly wider than that on the G10 irons, which help produce strong and high trajectory. Moreover, the stronger lofts for increased distance are made without sacrificing launch angle. The Cheap G15 Irons also have a full cavity graphics badge which helps to improve the feel of the club and promote a much softer feel.

Do you prefer a confident feeling? With Ping G15 Irons in hand, this can be achieved. They feature a wide sole which enables them to sit comfortably behind the ball and a large offset which positions the hands forwards. cheap golfThere was consistent feel throughout the irons and those shots that came out of the toe and still managed to make their way airborne and carry over a forgiving distance. Especially for those who have trouble getting the ball airborne, such an iron can't be missed.

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