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Do You Know How Much Money Can a Blog Earn?

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Do You Know How Much Money Can a Blog Earn?  
By juny on Jul 27, 2012 08:40 AM

When shopping Coach outlet online see such a news:ďIf my blog has ((insert daily number of impressions or page views of your blog here)) how much should it be earning?Ē This is one of the more common questions I get asked by bloggers just starting out with making money from their blogs. On one level itís a valid question to ask Ė after all if youíre going to put time and energy into building something itíd be great to know up front what rewards might be awaiting you. On another level Ė itís an almost impossible question to answer because there are so many factors to take into consideration.
It is very difficult to make sense of Coach factory as it not just a matter of traffic levels. For example Ė As I write this Iím looking at the earnings for January of three blogs that I have some involvement with (I donít get into what specific blogs earn so donít ask) and hereís what I see: Blog A: For the month this blog had a total of around 20, 000 page views from about half that number of visitors (they viewed 2 pages each. The Total earnings of this blog (all from contextual advertising) were $790.91 (USD). Blog B: This blog had just over 40, 000 page views over the month, this time from about 13, 000 visitors. Its total earnings from contextual advertising (same amount of ad units per pages as the other) were $99.08 (USD). It also earned around $35 from an affiliate program.
Iíll finish with Coach factory outlet : Probably the best way to find out what you can earn from a particular blog is to start that blog and test the waters. Give yourself a time limit of a few months to get a feel for the topic and see how it goes. While itís important to realize that a few months is not really enough Ė it is enough to get an understanding for whether itís a topic you feel you can sustain, what the click values and CTR might be in contextual ads and even to get a feel for what type of readers youíll attract. If the signs are good Ė invest more time into it Ė if they are not, consider trying something else. Thatís my 2 (or 2000) cents worth on the topic of how much blogs can earn. Whatís yours?

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