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Mizuno MP 59 Irons Patented Grain Flow Forged

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Mizuno MP 59 Irons Patented Grain Flow Forged 
By tiiy on Jul 24, 2012 03:34 AM
How do you like the Mizuno MP 59 Irons ? And what are your favorite golf clubs? For most of golfers, the most excellent Mizuno MP-59 Irons can provide the most forgiveness and longest distance. For me, of course, I love the Mizuno MP-59 Irons very much. Here in the below is the detail.

The Mizuno MP-59 is the upgrade of the previous and successful MP-58 model. The design of the MP-59s is upgraded by reducing the offset in order to provide stability too. The off center strikes will get the biggest benefit with adding the Ti weight to Mizuno MP 59 Irons for sale . Thanks to the great effort the Mizuno's Tour Staff, have made, the new MP-59 irons are releasing to market by a thinner top-line, a weightier sole and a new sole grind.

The sole of the cheap Mizuno MP 59 Irons feature a little wider than the previous mode in order to meet your need to launch the ball quite high, but we found that was not the case. The flight was similar to the MP-69 blades and the forgiveness is excellent for a forged iron of this size. The flight comes in at a happy medium high enough for control when hitting into greens, but low enough to drive through the wind.

The consistency of MP 59 is also an excellent performance. These golf iron sets are produced with a classic-looking in order to meet the golfer's expectation. And the consistency will make the Mizuno MP-59 surpass the others. For those who look for more control of their shots, you will soon develop trust in these.

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