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I Love the Most Excellent Mizuno MP-69 Irons

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I Love the Most Excellent Mizuno MP-69 Irons 
By tiiy on Jul 24, 2012 03:26 AM
Mizuno is planning on launching two new iron sets this fall the Mizuno MP 69 Irons and MP59. "The MP-69 is aimed squarely at the Tour Player and high level amateur - with a really clean look throughout the set. Mizuno has an incredible history in blades with the TN87, MP-14, MP-29, TP-9, TP-19's and MP-33's and the MP-69 sits comfortably in that elevated company. We did everything possible to keep the MP-69's clean to the eye – nothing protruding or distracting above the ball"——Japanese Tour Manager said.

Look at these words; I'm interested in the new Mizuno MP-69 Irons that Japan Company released. I think so many golfers as the same feeling as me. As the Mizuno's leading golf in 2011, MP69 and MP59 don't disappoint us. Beautiful performance, silver head, perfect attribute and the superior quality are made of MP-69 together. The Mizuno MP 69 are modern take on classic blades, but with as much forgiveness as this style of iron will allow. The concave muscle back on the rear of the blade is a larger then you would expect, but it really adds forgiveness without losing any of the visual appeal or performance of a blade. Anything slightly off-centre still maintains the feel and flight of a centre hit, although you will know about it if you really mis-hit it.

Thecheap MP 69 Irons cheap golf club sets the next iconic Mizuno muscle-back iron, was created by blending Mizuno's PGA Tour Staff input with the latest state-of-the-art design and simulation tools. This iron is the perfect balance of Grain Flow Forged feel and unmatched workability.cheap golf equipment The new 4D muscle pad on the back of the MP-69's clubhead, strategically places the weight progressively through the set to produce easier-to-hit long irons with a slightly higher ball flight than before, a strategic weighting strategy from 3-Iron through PW ensures ideal COG (Center Of Gravity) placement in every iron throughout the set to deliver total ball control and a predictable trajectory.

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