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Good feel on Callaway RAZR X Black driver

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Good feel on Callaway RAZR X Black driver 
By Scorpio1987 on Jun 26, 2012 06:21 AM
I was looking for a better driver and thought Callaway would be a good one. I did a little research on all the callaway drivers and desided on the Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver R-Flex, 10.5 loft. I hit a little straiter with it and it complements my fade shots. The weight and balance is great and the feel of the whole club is good through my swing. This callaway razer x black works for me, great buy.

RAZR Hawk Driver have the Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver Weighting System; Draw and Neutral configurations allows golfers to choose the model that works best with their ball flight. Select models offer either Draw or Neutral configurations. It allows you the option to choose either a Draw or Neutral configuration in select lofts. Over 23 million turbostratic carbon fibers provide the strength needed to withstand the violent impact between the Hyperbolic Face and the golf ball. This new material gave engineers the freedom to position weight exactly where needed for maximized distance, accuracy, and workability. With the Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver, there are no tradeoffs.

Besides new club Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver features streamlined surface contours to reduce energy loss from drag during the downswing. Callaway says they have reduced energy loss by 43% compared to the FT-9 Driver, netting a serious increase in impact speeds which will add distance.
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