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complex texturing

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complex texturing 
By JJ on Mar 11, 2001 03:25 AM
Hi to all...

I'm working with MAX for some time now... I learned to make and animate rather complex models. But my weak point in makeing 3D is Texturing... I know how to add planar, cilindrical or other standart mapping coordinates, and apply to tham standart blend or standrat materials. But I never understood how some people texture their complex models avoiding all those strechings and overalapings? I tried adding textures to different faces, but it vis not what I was expecting, bcause in whose places where face'es join are visible wery unwelcome diferences of textures...

If this isn't simple answer, maybe someone knows some sites with tutorials wich explain how to do that?
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Re: complex texturing 
By Activemind2000 on Mar 20, 2001 04:50 AM
it really is a subject to talk about for hours and hours...
but try some tutorials at http://www.the3dstudio.com

they have something about texturing in the tutorials section

if you didn't knew about this address and if this is of any use for you, try it

take care
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Re: complex texturing 
By hagbard on Feb 16, 2004 09:09 PM
a very good book about texturing is "texturing and painting" of
owen demers
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By Ajxl on Mar 26, 2006 02:53 AM
Good topic! Very useful :)[URL=http://shoes.seo-toolz.com/]:)[/URL]
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Unwrap UVW 
By chrishusein on Apr 19, 2007 03:56 AM
Use Unwrap UWV instead of just UVW. It allows you to place parts of your texture in specific areas of your mesh. You are literally coordinating the UVWs to the XYZ coordinates to avoid stretching.

I just started a 3d site and I am going to add a tutorial I use with my students to help you out.
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