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composing and stuff (Carrara & PD Pro Howler)

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composing and stuff (Carrara & PD Pro Howler) 
By staigerman on May 30, 2012 03:27 PM
I've started a tutorial mini series on motion estimation with the motion prediction module for cool slow motion effects, and adding other effects. This is a spinning Earth that was too fast and needed slowing down, but there's no time to re-render. Frame blending doesn't cut it because of the strobing effect. Motion estimation can help. PD Pro Howler has it, there's also The Foundry with a plugin for After Effects.

WIP: next I'm adding tumbling space rocks.


This is low budget, high fun.

I hope it amuses, as Dr Eddie would say.


click for full-size image (1017 x 250)

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