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Looking for 3D Medical Animation Project Managers

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Looking for 3D Medical Animation Project Managers 
By 3dmedical on May 15, 2012 07:38 PM
We are U.S. Based business specifically in medical animation for over 20 years . Of course you know this is a niche industry so finding people with this experience is always difficult We are looking for people specific in this niche industry. We are always looking for these sorts of people

Such as
Medical animators
Medical illustrators
Medical storyboard artists
Project Managers/Producer with Life science and biology experience or schooling.
Medical Writers

Currently there is a need for Project Managers. This position is very important as they oversee every part of the project from A-Z and could be working with up to 4- 5 people. More so this person needs that anatomy, biology experience and schooling because you may be working with some high end animators that really have no experience with technical, medical terms etc.. so we generally need someone with this experience and schooling to guide. The job description is below.

Job Description
We are looking for an experienced independent producer/project manager to remotely lead our animators in the creation of device, MOA and Scientific Medical 3D Animations and various media creation projects. You will provide your own work space, phone and computer equipment and work whatever hours are required to manage your various team members and projects.

In short we are looking for a very likable person that people love to work with and will go the extra mile for and that customers remember as being someone they had such a great experience with that they will go out of their way to work with you again and again.

The right person has a solid Project Manager/Producer background with the relative training and experience to enable you to define, design and lead our animators in the creation of stunning, effective and efficiently produced 3D animations. And needless to say the more medical/biological and anatomical knowledge you have about the workings of the human body the better.

If you are a very media, technology and web savvy individual with strong artistic abilities, extensive patience, solid problem solving and people management skills and the ability to deliver accurate and stunning results on time and on budget wed like to hear from you. Oh yeah, bonus points if you can put together a stellar proposal too. You will be working with 2-5 people on project sometimes, so you have to be comfortable talking with your team and the client and multitasking. We are looking to build core teams within our company to funnel work to.

When Responding Please Provide:
Please respond with the Position you are interested with relevant experience to what the job description displays, a current resume with references, an idea of what your monthly income requirements are for a full time contract position as well as for a project by project contract or hourly rate. Please include links to examples of relative work (produced both personally and as a producer/project manager). If you have a skype I.D. please provide it for future communication. If you are Based Internationally please provide an audio sample of yourself summarizing your experience and most recent work. Email to 3dmedicalcreative@gmail.com

*For all other positions of interests as stated above please reference above ↑

On a General Note: We will respond to candidates that fit what we are looking for as stated in the description. If we do not respond, it is because more then likely your work or experience does not match the job requirements.

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to receiving an reviewing your information.

If you know someone who is interested please pass my information along. Networking and word of mouth is a big part of how we locate people we work with.

3D Medical Creative
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3D Medical Animation 
By fefedefe on Jul 05, 2012 08:41 PM

My name is Federico Rivolta, I am from Barcelona, Spain, and I would like to contact you to present my portfolio. I work as freelance for many years in advertising and educational multimedia creation. I would really apreciate if you take a look at my portfolio. I hope we have the opportunity to work together.

My portfolio: http://www.domestika.org/portfolios/freddy


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Re: 3D Medical Animation Project  
By jainnylee on Jul 21, 2012 05:35 AM
What is the 3D Medical Animation Project Managers ?

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