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Why choose Mizuno MP-69 Irons

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Why choose Mizuno MP-69 Irons 
By mygolf on Apr 20, 2012 05:51 AM
Why choose Mizuno MP-69 Irons

The Mizuno MP-69 Irons are modern take on classic blades, but with as much forgiveness as this style of iron will allow. The concave muscle back on the rear of the blade is a larger then you would expect, but it really adds forgiveness without losing any of the visual appeal or performance of a blade. Anything slightly off-centre still maintains the feel and flight of a centre hit, although you will know about it if you really mis-hit it.

The centre of gravity changes through the set to give a higher flight on the longer irons and this does make them a little more playable. As you go down to the short irons the feel and flight are excellent, although the progressively shorter heads start to get a little on the compact side by the time you get to the wedge.

That said, these are a low single figure handicap player's iron and if you are one of those golfers you wants to play blades then the MP-69 Irons are the most playable set on the market

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