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R11S Driver or RBZ Driver?

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R11S Driver or RBZ Driver?  
By mygolf on Apr 20, 2012 05:50 AM
R11S Driver or RBZ Driver?

Now Taylormade Offer 2 New clubs on 2012. The Taylormade R11S Driver and the Taylormade RBZ Driver. As a Taylomrade guy, I test both of them. However, No technicals here, just: distance, feel/sound, forgiveness and accuracy. Hahahaha

The R11S Driver is the best driver I have used. I hited the balls 14 yards longer than my previous burnersuperfast. The R11S Driver spin was way down compared to the RBZ Tour. It also felt better to me during the testing.

I have both the R11s TP and the RBZ Tour. There are many considerarions to finding the best fit:
R11s--shaft choices, face angles, lie angles, loft adjustments, movable weight adjustments (more than moving the 10 and 1 gram screws, mine came loaded with 10g and 4g plus I have weights in every number from 1 thru 12 + 14 & 16 to play with), and swing weight. Then one has to consider; will the full shot setup also work for all shots needed for all conditions?
RBZ--Shaft choices, face angles, lie angles and loft adjustments and swing weight and standard or Tour head.
Often times they may play one or two rounds and then make some changes while playing under the gun. This isn't as simple as a day or two on a monitor or at the range. Reality is on the course. I know a monitor, indoors, has never worked for me.

As a final:
Taylormade R11S >RBZ driver RBZ woods>R11s woods
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