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Mizuno MP-68 irons experience reviews

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Mizuno MP-68 irons experience reviews 
By talia on Apr 16, 2012 09:06 AM
Mizuno MP-68 irons experience reviews

No matter your skill level, you must like the club head design when you take your set up. If you do not feel like you can make a good swing with a club, you probably will not. What else should you consider when looking for new golf equipment?

TheMizuno MP 68 have been designed to replace the Mizuno MP-67 irons and are aimed at the very best golfers out there. Using research from their tour players, Mizuno have modeled the MP-68 on the classic MP-33 iron, which was universally agreed to be the best performing and most solid iron of recent times.
Instead of creating a muscle back for the MP-68, Mizuno say they have created a muscle pad that delivers the purest feel of any iron they have created. They have achieved this by moving excess weight from the toe, top line and back of the head where it wasnít needed and placed it low, deep and back towards the toe of the MP-68 head as part of a a 3D muscle pad, giving the MP-68 irons the lowest sweet spot of any Mizuno blade. This also allows the MP-68 to have slightly stronger lofts than previous blades and more in line with those of other modern irons.
In addition the sole of the MP 68 features a rolled leading edge and trailing edge for better turf interaction and a flattened mid-sole enables more precise ball striking. A shorter hosel has created a centre of gravity that contributes to a penetrating, workable ball flight that the neutral bias allows you to work left or right.
The Mizuno MP-68 is available in set of 3 to pitching wedge in traditional chrome plate or a stylish low glare Black Nickel finish.

The MP-68 irons were a joy to hit with a fantastic feel and an excellent penetrating flight. The classic looks are everything you would expect in a Mizuno blade iron and whilst everyone will appreciate this, you will need to be a better player to get the most from these irons. The muscle pad design certainly seemed to increase the feel and forgiveness to the extent that they seemed to play like a half cavity iron. The mid to short irons in particular were great to hit and provided exceptional feedback. However donít expect to see too manyMizuno MP 68 on sale in the shops as they are available as a custom order only with Mizunoís excellent custom fitting service that includes a new shaft optimsier system to determine the right shaft flex for you.

Here are a few more ideas. 1. With all of the golf club offerings available, you need to acknowledge your skill level. Each golf club manufacturer has offerings for low to high handicappers.
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