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Mizuno MP-69 irons You will like it ?

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Mizuno MP-69 irons You will like it ? 
By talia on Apr 16, 2012 09:05 AM
Mizuno MP-69 irons You will like it ?

The Mizuno MP-69 irons are modern take on classic blades, but with as much forgiveness as this style of iron will allow. The concave muscle back on the rear of the blade is a larger then you would expect, but it really adds forgiveness without losing any of the visual appeal or performance of a blade. Anything slightly off-centre still maintains the feel and flight of a centre hit, although you will know about it if you really mis-hit it.
The centre of gravity changes through the set to give a higher flight on the longer irons and this does make them a little more playable. As you go down to the short irons the feel and flight are excellent, although the progressively shorter heads start to get a little on the compact side by the time you get to the wedge.
That said, these are a low single figure handicap player's iron and if you are one of those golfers you wants to play blades then theMizuno MP-63 Irons s are the most playable set on the market.

Very sharp looking blades, that are actually more forgiving that you would think. The new muscle back design adds a little more forgiveness than most blades I have hit. Flight was solid and easy to manipulate. Typically sharp-looking, solid-performing Mizuno blade. If you are looking to break par when you play, I would give these a shot.I'm a 14 handicap and these are not difficult to hit. I don't think a mid handicapper should have any real fears of hitting these and if you looking to improve your swing these will be nice to grow into. Took me about 3 holes to get used to them. I read that getting the shaft optimized helps and to go with a little more flex than you think you need. I followed that and don't have any fear hitting the 3 iron. I was hitting a set of Cleveland Ta6 nad grew out of them and replaced them with these. I believe I hit the mp 69 3 iron better than the Cleveland Ta6 (game improvement, moderate offset, moderate sized sole, cavity back desing oversized head compariable to a set of king cobra's). I went with project X 5.0 shafts. My swing speed with the mizuno shaft analyzer was 84 mph which would fit a project X 5.5 shaft. In hind sight, on fear I went with the 5.0, but after playing with them I think the 5.5 would have been fine. I have lost nothing playing these versus cavity backs in regards to control, distance, and scoring. I have gained a tool that can help make working the ball easier. I've decided that blades are game improvement through better feed back/feel and increased ease in ball workability..

Golf club fitting can be a quick and easy way for you to improve your golf game. If you are looking for a driver, a hybrid or an entire set of irons, what should you consider to make sure you are happy with your new golf club or golf clubs? Your golf equipment is very personal choice for you and as your clubs work for you, that is all that matters.
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