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Free Vray shader materials for all !

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Free Vray shader materials for all ! 
By greylion on Sep 16, 2003 07:40 PM

I see a lot of people asking others for shader tips or free shaders to download for vray but they are hard to come by.
So I have made a new webpage on my site to host shaders for others to use  for free.
And I encourage all of you to make and or submit any vray shaders to the site so we can all benefit and learn.

If you’re thinking that “why should I share my shaders” ill tell you:

1      Submitting shaders benefits the community and you.
2      Frees up time so you can concentrate more on the project you are doing.
3      You might be good at shaders but one day you may find you need a specific one that you can’t make and you can come to the site and more than likely find the exact one you need .
4      The shader library will be updated 3 times a week with new entries in each category
5      There will be three shader competitions each week called “Emulate this” where I will find pictures of surfaces that you can try to make a shader out of, best one wins and gets hosted.
6      You get to see your shaders on other people final work.
7      Your name is marked next to your shader in the library with your email ‘optional’.
8      They are free!  

Rules and info:

Each shader submission will have its authors name with a picture and description.

Each submission will be tested before being included into the library.

Please don’t send duplicate shaders, check the categories first to see if a specific one already exists in the library.

Include any textures that are part of the shader.

Please include your name and optional contact info and a small description of the shader and any additional info.

Upload as a compressed file only i.e. RAR – ZIP - ACE

Shader Categories:

1      Rocks and stones
2      Wood
3      Glass
4      Fabrics
5      Plastics
6      Nature
7      Metals
8      Paints
9      Liquids
10      Misc

Click here to go to the library http://www.danielhackman.com/web%20pages/shaders-home.html
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By DesignGoblin on Nov 22, 2004 07:58 PM
This link is dead

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By stefopoulos on Sep 25, 2005 11:00 AM
very dead i think
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