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3D character and building artists required.

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3D character and building artists required.  
By Kaztsa on Dec 16, 2011 02:42 AM
I have a deal that I would like to put to the 3D artists in the community

You create 4 x 3D character meshes, according to specifications mixed with a bit of your imagination, with high complexity mesh, armature, colour texture / rendering.

You provide us these 3D files, preferably including a seperate copy of the mesh only, resized to around 32mm (3.2cm) tall, and giving us permission to use them for commercial purposes. There are some guidelines that will need to be still met at 32mm rescale, which I can provide seperately.

In return.

You also provide 4 other 3D characters meshes (preferably sized to around 32mm already. negotiable.) of your own design. Anything you want (as long as do not infringe on copyright without permission from copyright owner).

We pay and arrange to have all 8 files 3D printed and moulded in a master mould. We then clean up 3 (or so) copies of each of your 4 first cast figures, and create a production mould for your miniatures.

We send you 1kg of your personal miniatures (plus copies of the ones you designed for us, and some copies from the master mould), and will cast as many copies as you might want in the future, for wholesale white metal price. At this point it's 25 a kilo (which is a fair number of copies). We'll also be more than happy to retail them on our website if you wish. If we do this

While this barter style deal is likely to remain open indefinatley, if you end up reading this in the future, metal prices might have changed.

Feel free to post a reply in this thread, I'll subscribe to it. It might be better however, if you contact me directly using the following address

## [ new3dartist ] ## [ A T ] ## [ tablewarfare ] ## [ D O T ] ## [ com ] ##

~ Oli
Table Warfare
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