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Everything beautiful is far away by Marek Denko

Everything beautiful is far away
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Title Everything beautiful is far away
Software 3ds max, VRay, Fusion
Comment I spent on this one quite a long time. Not that it was too complicated but there were periods of time when I really couldnít touch it for a several weeks. Some guys thought that I was dead not posting any new works. So here Iím once again.Itís about being far away from family, friends from everything you love and care about. Just an anonymous cold waiting areas of airport gates with strangers all around set to dime mood of cold weather and soft fogy sunset make your unwanted company. I know these days airports are quite modern and fancyÖ but itís even more unpersonalised with all those duty free shops and fake Irish pubs and pizza restaurants with fake smile or without it. So take a minute and enjoy it.
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