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Pan Troglodytes
Jury Pick

Pan Troglodytes by Jian Xu

Forrest Tranquility
Jury Pick

Forrest Tranquility by Martin Mayer

Tequila Tatu
Jury Pick

Tequila Tatu by Jose Alves da Silva

Honorable Mention

Snowalker by Massimo Righi

Young Chimpanzee
Jury Pick

Young Chimpanzee by Hyehin Moon

Carnotaurus Sastrei
Jury Pick

Carnotaurus Sastrei by Damir G Martin

Jury Pick

Tiger by Jian Xu

Jury Pick

Wolf by Massimo Righi

Male Green Frog
Jury Pick

Male Green Frog by Massimo Righi

Professionals Never Retire
Jury Pick

Professionals Never Retire by Sami Salo

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