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Honorable Mention

Pharaoh by Guangmin Zhang

Wanna go for a ride?
Honorable Mention

Wanna go for a ride? by Marcin Solarz

Enjoyment Of Music
Honorable Mention

Enjoyment Of Music by Xu Fei

Jury Pick

Duoduo by Xu Fei

3D Caricature
Jury Pick

3D Caricature by Marco Carminati

Tesalia at Arkadhia
Jury Pick

Tesalia at Arkadhia by Carlos Ortega

Honorable Mention

Tesalia by Carlos Ortega

Honorable Mention

Ayasha by Hossein Afzali

Hinted Hills
Jury Pick

Hinted Hills by Hossein Afzali

Le Rabbit
Jury Pick

Le Rabbit by Jose Alves da Silva

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