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Jury Pick

Painter by Ren Peng Dong

in Characters - Realistic

In the Dark Woods
Jury Pick

In the Dark Woods by Aleksandr Kuskov

in Scene - Fantasy

The Only Light
Jury Pick

The Only Light by Ryan Humphries

in Scene - Sci-Fi

Jury Pick

Centaur by Igor Kudryavtsev

in Characters - Fantasy

Traffic Lights
Jury Pick

Traffic Lights by Karol Wlodarczyk

in Scene - Realistic

Rhino General
Jury Pick

Rhino General by Jose Alves da Silva

in Characters - Fantasy

Monkey King
Jury Pick

Monkey King by Wang Xiaoyu

in Characters - Sci-Fi

Jury Pick

Hideaway by Trujillo Alberto

in Landscapes

Orc Scout
Honorable Mention

Orc Scout by Stefano Bernardi

in Characters - Fantasy

Jury Pick

Chicken! by Jose Alves da Silva

in Characters - Cartoonish

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