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Winston Churchill
Jury Pick

Winston Churchill by Tomas Kral

in Still Life

Jury Pick

PROTOtype by Denis Tolkishevsky

in Vehicles - Land

Jury Pick

Eldorado by Marek Denko

in Scene - Realistic

Rain Street
Jury Pick

Rain Street by Zhang Naigang

in Architecture - Exterior

Frankenstein's Monster
Jury Pick

Frankenstein's Monster by Anto Juricic

in Characters - Macabre & Horror

Guan Guan
Jury Pick

Guan Guan by Jian Xu

in Characters - Realistic

Carnotaurus Sastrei
Jury Pick

Carnotaurus Sastrei by Damir G Martin

in Nature - Animals

Little Man From Another Place
Jury Pick

Little Man From Another Place by Andrei Cristea

in Characters - Cartoonish

M&M's Racing
Jury Pick

M&M's Racing by Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo

in Characters - Cartoonish

Stary Piernik
Jury Pick

Stary Piernik by Piotr Slomowicz

in Characters - Realistic

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