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Name Aki Maatta
Age N/A
Born Finland
Email amaatta@hit.fi
Homepage www.evitech.fi/~akitm

Artist Interview

No interview of this artist is available at the moment. If you wish this artist to be interviewed, request an interview and contribute by suggesting questions.


Re: Aki Maatta
By Krister Lantiainen on May 10, 2001 04:38 PM
Your one of the guys working on the game Max Payne? Keep up the good :)
Re: Aki Maatta
By dfy on
hieno tyo lisaa samanlaisia
Re: Aki Maatta
By on
Looks kinda like a 3d toilet
Re: Aki Maatta
By jacop t. priest on
very dense atmosphere - i love it
Re: Aki Maatta
By YujoRodrigues-Brazil on
The work is very good! I like the graphics of this artist since your works in the Future Crew demos.
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