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Name Denis Tolkishevsky
Age N/A
Born Russia
Email mail@to3d.ru
Homepage to3d.ru

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Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Enrico Palatzo on Aug 17, 2008 02:18 AM
Great work. Lacking only more water on walls and maybe some from the pipe. If there would have been water on the walls i could have gone for an intentional clogged-up pipe and not thought much about that, but since its lacking on the walls you must have forgotten it is my guess.

(Off-topic: Most 3Dartist pics look overworked, less is better, too much also gets it "cartoonish" since it's futile to try mimic real life pics totally. There aint anything "real" in any film yet for example, xcept for the first Jurassic Park......maybe......and also some scenes in the Lord of the rings trilogy since its pure fantasy and we dont know and cant feel how it "should" look. But every time something like the Final Fantasy movie is made and everyone hypes about how good it looks, it always is a HUGE disappointment to anyone with enough sense to be critical even when understanding that its better than previous things...)
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By appian on Jul 31, 2008 01:19 PM
stormy factory is really atmospheric.it has a great essence and feel.
good(not that much) lighting for the dragon fly
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Andrew Sewell on Jul 04, 2008 04:01 PM
Storm Factory reminds me of some of the deserted factories in Voronezh, you captured the construction and appearance very well. Your buildings are in much better shape :) Nice pics!
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Sara on Jun 24, 2008 07:56 PM
I like dragONtFLY, but for some reason I'm having trouble understanding the scale of it...
I really appreciate everything else about it though, especially the style of metal working you chose.
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Mithun on Jun 23, 2008 05:25 AM
well its simply awsome... creative..
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Vince on Jun 17, 2008 11:48 PM
Both images look great. Very nicely lit.

I agree with the others that the hammer looks too new. Not enough scratches and rust.
As for the buildings they look too dry for that rainy day. When concrete and brick get wet they get a lot darker than you have it. I see some darkness on the top area of the buildings, but the rain looks like it's really coming down. Also, I might suggest also adding some water gushing out of the gutter drain. And of course water splashing on the ground from the falling rain.
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By Misha Yershov on Jun 17, 2008 03:27 PM
Congraturations Denis! Great work!
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By wdb1977 on Apr 16, 2008 03:13 PM
This look good, but there are things in there should have been texture with a little dirt or rust to show age (like the hammer and the magnified glass.) When every thing in a picture looks to new it will make the picture look cartoonish.
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By guh on Apr 12, 2008 05:55 AM
great.I"m lovin it
Re: Denis Tolkishevsky
By cesar morales on Mar 22, 2008 07:30 AM
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