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Name Denisa Mrackova
Age N/A
Born Czech Republic
Email MrackovaDenisa@seznam.cz
Homepage N/A

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Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Keke on Oct 28, 2007 04:47 PM
This is great!!!!
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By joy on Oct 16, 2007 03:15 PM
hap me
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Daniel on Oct 10, 2007 04:54 PM
Holy CATS!!! You gotta be kiddin' There isn't one @#$%&# thing wrong with this image! ! ! It's AWESOME! ! ! Tell you what... She can stalk me anytime she likes. You did a fantastic job rendering this. I wouldn't listen to a critic wannabe about adding a little nudity, or how high a nipple is.... KUDOS! ! !
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Uziel Cruz on Sep 25, 2007 01:28 PM
exelente trabajo, aunque me gustaria ver la imagen completa de pies a cabeza.
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Eduardo Domingues on Sep 13, 2007 08:56 PM
Very nice...

Congratulations man!!!

Do more OK...

See you next time...
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By on Aug 20, 2007 07:24 AM
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Vampyre Slayer on Aug 17, 2007 10:57 AM
very good.
But why you have to show her high-nipple? Does it need to put nudity in our work so it can be called art?
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By on Jul 26, 2007 05:28 PM
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By on Jun 27, 2007 11:08 PM
come on Rachael I have been in bed with girls with nipples higher than that, and I have been talking about naturat boobs !!, Go more to the bed with more girl before post that !!
Re: Denisa Mrackova
By Rachael on Jun 19, 2007 04:41 AM
Well done, but her nipples are too high. That's what happens in boob jobs going from an A cup do a D with a not-so-great surgeon. :) Move 'em down about 3/4 a nipple height.
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