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Name Richard Wright
Age N/A
Born UK
Email rich@arkvfx.net
Homepage www.ark-game.com

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Re: Richard Wright
By devmapall on Apr 30, 2006 04:30 PM
Headache ridiculously cured, as a result - looks international good sense rate. Forehead evaluate, more greater work not necessary for rifle-range.
Re: Richard Wright
By harish on Apr 30, 2006 12:40 AM
its amazing, well they really look like they have life in it,wonderful job.
Re: Richard Wright
By clarity on Apr 24, 2006 09:47 PM
is this by rick wright from pink floyd????
Re: Richard Wright
By mormor on Feb 11, 2006 10:37 PM
Man i cant belive the girls arnt photos
Re: Richard Wright
By on Dec 31, 2005 01:02 AM
<Best works i've ever seen> completely PERFECT!!!!!!
Re: Richard Wright
By GhostEyes on Dec 19, 2005 04:16 PM
Its All In The Eyes

The eyes on jenny are awesome, the shadow on the whites of the eye, the eye liquid(i dont know what its called??) unlike most other works ive seen on this site whereby artist leave this i think important THING out (agen im lost for words,probably cuz of ur amazing pic) uve not made this crucial mistake most make when doin faces and thats why urs stands out.

Great work. .....awesome.......awesome
Re: Richard Wright
By Denny on Nov 27, 2005 06:40 AM
'"Jenny" and "Character" may as well be photographs-only better. It's a VERY courageous digital artist who specializes in close-up faces. The only artist I actually stopped looking around long enough to vote for. I'm no art critic, but "10" does it for me.
Re: Richard Wright
By drummer on Nov 27, 2005 12:25 AM
love the last two
Re: Richard Wright
By Jeff D. on Nov 06, 2005 11:21 PM
great job ! Very interesting. One looks like michelle.
Re: Richard Wright
By Sujith Perera on Oct 09, 2005 03:24 AM
Great Work.
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