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Name Lei Chen
Age N/A
Born China
Email teapot77@163.com
Homepage N/A

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Re: Lei Chen
By Exo on Dec 01, 2005 01:44 AM
It's so real that I can almost touch her... Btw I will give credit to the author, this girl looks nothing like the HL2 girl.
Re: Lei Chen
By Rich on Oct 28, 2005 02:08 AM
Uhm... Unless you work for the creators of HALF LIFE TWO...you did NOT make this photo. This was one of the sample shots that they released to show off the new technology they were using. And to everyone else, of course this is a 10 out of 10... Whoever did this one, does it for a very well paid living.
Re: Lei Chen
By on Oct 27, 2005 07:28 PM
I've got no words! you have done an incredible works!
Re: Lei Chen
By LukaszPL on Oct 20, 2005 06:12 PM
She's not even pretty but You made her more then real.
Re: Lei Chen
By scared student on Aug 22, 2005 09:08 PM
im scared of yours and everyone elses talent . are there like temples high up in the mountains where i can go train body and mind ,to achieve a level as high as you people?
Re: Lei Chen
By ale on Aug 14, 2005 03:31 AM
los ojos estan muy bien hechos, aunque la apariencia total de la niņa es como de loca, al final, creo que es el efecto que querias---
Re: Lei Chen
By Jo on Aug 05, 2005 03:56 PM
I thought what the others said was a bit harsh.
But I think its quite a complement. You seem to have created a real person because people always argue about beauty. So I think your picture was very sucessful. You created a real person.
She is real and has a very realistic vulnerable and real tension. She doesn't have to look like Catherine zeta Jones.
Can i see more of your work please?
Re: Lei Chen
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:05 PM
Re: Lei Chen
By Tony Volker on Jul 20, 2005 08:57 PM
You came so close to real, but lost it by trying to hard.
Re: Lei Chen
By Adrian on Jul 17, 2005 08:44 PM
very nice 10 out of 10. sorry just a simple praise, not a critique like a should be. but i had to say it.
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