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Name Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
Age N/A
Born Spain
Email juanjo@genesisvisual.com
Homepage www.genesisvisual.com

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Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By Greeg on Jun 12, 2005 01:19 PM
simply RE$PECT!
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By Ubaidullah Jahanzaib on May 18, 2005 10:59 AM
I am not a 3D artist but have great interest in the field. The light composition in the Hagia Sophia is a bit confusing to me. The light falling on the building suggest that the sun is at our (viewer's point of view) Right hand side. However The clouds in the sky, suggest that the sun is setting behind the building! any Clue to the mystry??
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By Sergey Kolesov on May 09, 2005 09:27 PM
Here is a great image, gentlemen... Well, I'm feeling it..There must be only one DARK window....only one!!!
Well Done!!!!
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By on May 05, 2005 09:59 AM
Cem, it doesnt matter if it looks like the actual biulding, thats the beauty of an artist they can alter the world to fit the idea, because in THIS world we are the creators along with architects and every other art form , but when it comes to artists that focus on either Fine arts or CG we have to do what ever is needed to make a composition look the way we view it in our minds.

But architects and artist arn't the same, we all have diffrent heads, and deffiinetly diffrent state of mind.

Ps - we thank you for the history.
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By on Mar 19, 2005 02:03 PM
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By on Mar 11, 2005 09:56 AM
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By rollinger on Jan 26, 2005 10:41 PM
Thats not the place to discus politics and religion. Thats a great building you have done and it is an great building in Istanbul. For me at the first sight i see the "(H)agia sophia" and an unbeliveable render! Thats enough. A really great picture!
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By on Jan 20, 2005 09:38 PM
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By Overlord on Oct 04, 2004 03:18 PM
Just leave it be.....It's only an artists conception. The fact of the matter is, it makes you look at it and think about it. You'll remember this work now. It strikes a chord. That's all. Try not to be so harsh on fellow artists, for some may be playing with your mind intentionally. Anyways, I think it looks wonderful, as an art piece. Easy on the eyes and beautiful to gaze upon. Nicely Done!
Re: Juan Jose Gonzalez Diaz
By Cem on Sep 18, 2004 09:21 PM
The rendering and the light is great,but sorry it doen't look like Hagia Sophia, you can look it up on the net if you want. I am an architect in Istanbul and know quite a lot about Hagia Sophia. First of all, yes it is a Church, it is also the Third Hagia Sophia Build (the other ones were crushed by earthquakes and the rebellions), and means Holy Wisdom. Build in 532-537, it had magnificant treasures and mosaics,but was later raided by the crusaders (while under Bysantine rule) ,all the artifacts are now in Vatican, and the Hagia Sophia has suffered more from the Crusaders then from the Turks, you can read it from Kritovulos,a Bysantine writer who wrote about the conquer of Istanbul.
The building has a basilical plan, which is the plan type widely used in churches,but this was the Greatest Church in history,and one of the biggest buildings for a long time. It was the inspiration for the Ottoman mosques,and the architectural style has been further developed by the Ottomans. The other great monument in istanbul is the Suleymaniye mosque complex, which was an attempt to create even a greater experiance inside, but i still prefer Hagia Sophia, maybe because it is darker inside, and the you feel the light much better,as if the dome is flying, but Suleymaniye is also great. 2 of the the minarets are stone and 2 of them are brick, 2 of the were build by Architect Sinan,and Sinan also build some fortifications, he was a great architect and engineer,and without his addons,the building would have collapsed,because there had been an architectural mistake done by the original designers, if you look you will see 2 half-domes at the sides, the were supporting the main dome,but there had to be 2 half domes at the other sides too in order to keep the dome's mass distributed equally. (the dome had collapesed before because of this mistake) When the modern Turkish Republic was founded, Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum,now there are constant restorations going on in the church, for me as an architect it is a Church,a Mosque, a Temple, but above all a monument which is 1450 years old,which has witnessed so much,will witness even more. It has was build and cared by so many people,nations,religions. I really adore this masterwork and visit it once a month,amazed by the big space build 1450 years ago, even now,it is a big challange.

sorry if this post is too long, but i really like Hagi Sophia and Architectural history, and wanted to share this with you.
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