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Name Alex Broeckel
Age N/A
Born Germany
Email alex.broeckel@vh3d.com
Homepage www.vh3d.com

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Re: Alex Broeckel
By on Jun 19, 2008 12:13 PM
Wonderful job! 10+
Re: Alex Broeckel
By miguel on Jul 29, 2006 02:10 PM
this is a really great pic, its as if it was painted and posted online, its wonderful just looking at it, you can really fell the painting just by looking at it. Its awesome.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By Sentuma on Jun 09, 2006 03:00 PM
It was a magic moment when I looked at this picture. But a nature work is never perfect if it doesn't have animals.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By Petite parisienne on Jan 01, 2006 11:24 PM
I'm so impressed! It's fantastic! That's a marvel.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By Anne on Oct 06, 2005 09:56 PM
What inspired you here? If this is from a particular fantasy, I would like to read it.
The work is very nice--almost painted. That means a lot from someone like myself who stands in awe of those who can wield a brush.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By TRM on Aug 01, 2005 08:59 PM
I love, love and love pics like this. :D Please make more.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:06 PM
Re: Alex Broeckel
By Iceman on Jun 29, 2005 06:06 PM
Oh...my....cow! The trees look great! The water is a little pixelated, but I love the use of light and especially the unique trees! (The leaves being lit from behind was an especially nice touch.) Keep up the excellent work!
Re: Alex Broeckel
By kanjana on Mar 31, 2005 01:41 AM
I like your work,I fell it very big,I want to see here, myself I like the nature,yes your work it good.
Re: Alex Broeckel
By on Mar 19, 2005 02:04 PM
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