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Name Paolo Pugliese
Age N/A
Born Italy
Email pureart@supereva.it
Homepage web.tiscalinet.it/pureart

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Re: Paolo Pugliese
By on Mar 01, 2002 06:18 PM
SUBJECT: ARTseminar cooperation

Dear Sirs,

I have seen your art and we would be interested in making a cooperation with you.

ARTseminar is an organisation helping young artists to make a career in the world of art. You can read more about ARTseminar and download the brochure here: http://www.artseminar.org

I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards

Sandrine Nicot
ARTseminar Service Centre

29 Rue Dicks
L-5216 Sandweiler

Re: Paolo Pugliese
By Perrhy on Nov 19, 2001 07:28 PM
the image are very poor because the software give you more posibilities.I use lightscape and the final image are very poor.
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By Dieter on Nov 08, 2001 01:53 PM
Congratulations from Dieter/Berli
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By troy on Nov 01, 2001 09:42 AM
excellent work is all i say, Im curious though as to how much of a role did lightscape play in the enhancement of the rendering
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By rutger on Sep 13, 2001 05:36 PM
this is great. How long do you work with 3d software. I'm a guy from holland and i'm just starting with learning 3d studio max. Could you answer me an my e-mail??? I love to learn more about it.

Rutger (holland
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By tecnopc on Sep 10, 2001 09:59 AM
e vero un grandissimo labore
salutti de Argentina
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By junglsu on Jun 14, 2001 06:54 PM
here is korea.
I can learns 3D max.
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By david martin on Jun 12, 2001 08:30 PM
Lightscape radiosity brings out the best in his work. Warm and ancient tones.
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By Narek on Jun 12, 2001 08:44 AM
not bad!
but you should try to make something new.
Re: Paolo Pugliese
By Jesse on Jun 08, 2001 07:59 AM
Thats excellent! Looks really.... real! very good work, if you ever check this could you please send me some tips!
only one thing... not enough cracks! i know it's time consuming, but it's that much more realistic, and i'm not sure those coloums would shine that much over years of decay... BUT IT STILL ROCKS!
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