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Name Serge Koul
Age N/A
Born Russia
Email whitezink@hotmail.com
Homepage N/A

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Re: Serge Koul
By Wawan on Aug 08, 2007 02:19 AM
Nice angle. Yummie
Re: Serge Koul
By Map on Jan 29, 2007 03:43 AM
Im amazed you pulled that off on such a computer and poser 4! You are another person who could do wonders if you upped your gear and software.
Re: Serge Koul
By on Nov 01, 2006 02:35 PM
holy crap!! i mean i like half naked women too, but come on, u cant really see anything, and the texture is so smooth that she looks like plastic. u guys drooling over this seriously need a girlfriend
Re: Serge Koul
By rtx242 on Oct 30, 2006 11:02 AM
suprised you got poser to render so well! um, guys, poser is a people modeler, they're included, all you do is pose it, see?
Re: Serge Koul
By busted head on Oct 12, 2006 01:37 PM
Amazing the detail and texture you've been able to create. The lighting is also just splended.....bravo!
Re: Serge Koul
By Jim on Sep 01, 2006 10:43 PM
What a pic!! Awesome. I wish there were more of the same kind of pics on the net. Please take more! And let me know so I can appreciate them.
Re: Serge Koul
By spine on Feb 18, 2006 04:14 PM
It's amazing. You put a woman in a bathing suit and all the men comment on it. Maybe it's just the angle, but do those women have eyes?
Re: Serge Koul
By jd on Dec 23, 2005 10:50 AM
very ....... um well its hot
Re: Serge Koul
By ryqu on Nov 01, 2005 10:22 PM
I like it alot but the bubbles do look like someone farted but overall very good
Re: Serge Koul
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:14 PM
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