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Name Fran Saa
Age N/A
Born Spain
Email fran_saa@teleline.es
Homepage www.seaofsaa.com

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Re: Fran Saa
By 3dhero on Apr 29, 2004 04:51 PM
wow... excellent stuff man... I love it!!... keep it up!!...
Re: Fran Saa
By CHQ on Apr 29, 2004 07:49 AM
Re: Fran Saa
By sina on Apr 28, 2004 03:57 PM
you need to see more of your self . . .
Re: Fran Saa
By JEEEzuz on Apr 28, 2004 12:29 PM
¡¡ere un "artit-ta"...!! Me gusta la chica, y me gusta el fondo. :)

Ah, y vaya actualización de la web.... felicidades.

Un saludete. ;)

Re: Fran Saa
By Lee on Apr 27, 2004 08:53 PM
x501 is great, its better than that but the gun looks almost like its unfinished!

Is it work in progress or just me?
Re: Fran Saa
By on Apr 27, 2004 05:21 PM
X501 ... "lots of people say 'What's that ... it's Pat!' Lots of people say 'Who's he? Or She???'"

Well done though. If androgyny was your goal then very well done.

Re: Fran Saa
By craynewhope on Apr 25, 2004 03:56 AM
Sorry; Your work shows skill but it also shows a demented mind.
Re: Fran Saa
By Ruchika Mehresh on Apr 01, 2004 02:31 PM
Well done! Specially the shape of the Dragon's face is well chosen . And how can I forget to appreciate his hairstyle and well shaped teeth.
Re: Fran Saa
By wang weili on Feb 24, 2004 02:35 AM
so nice!!!------the color,the tune----- and all of yours!!!
best wishes to u!!!
Re: Fran Saa
By on Jan 10, 2004 12:29 AM
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