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Name Asier Hernaez Laviņa
Age N/A
Born USA
Email asierhernaez@hotmail.com
Homepage www.asierhernaezlavina.com

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Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By sikri on Jul 23, 2008 08:48 PM
si al final vas a ser hasta bueno...............1 saludo campeon
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By ~loveforearth~ on Mar 20, 2007 06:50 PM
China Town looks good
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By Elaine on Sep 11, 2006 06:28 PM
Pretty good. Don't like cowboys myself, but to each his own, right? Anyway great work.
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By zell on Mar 25, 2006 03:33 AM
This Japan looks like China
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By Silver on Mar 21, 2006 05:56 AM
I love the pic of Ronald Reagan. It is done with such warmth and kindness I feel as if he were here just yesterday. Great job!
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By Mighty_Mouse on Feb 06, 2006 04:22 AM
Japan is simply supurb. You have really outdone yourself in the attention to detail. You can tell that you didn't rush this even the the last second.

great work
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By rickey hernaez on Jan 19, 2006 03:05 AM
great job!
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By Slim on Dec 22, 2005 02:02 AM
Huh...maybe its supposed to be president Reagan, but who knows eh??
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By on Nov 14, 2005 10:40 PM
The Cowboy looks like President Regan with a cowboy hat. Japan looks amazing
Re: Asier Hernaez Laviņa
By J.Mc. WPG., CA. on Nov 14, 2005 05:35 PM
"West" has a great sense of perspective. The buildings are well detailed and are aged to perfection. The addition of the abandoned wagons, carts and other debris adds to that ghost town atmosphere. The major problem with this scene is the texture used for the street surface; it is too fine and needs more finer gritty and dirty detailing to complement the rest of your work. Otherwise a great scene.
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