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Name Thomas A. Szakolczay
Age N/A
Born USA
Email Tasart@aol.com
Homepage N/A

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Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By Oddin on Aug 07, 2002 12:00 AM
This is incredible... I like the style, This is something I would do if had enough knowledge in 3D modelling. I'm impressed. Keep it up.
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By danielle on May 06, 2002 12:00 AM
danielle cregan
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By N/A on Jan 02, 2002 05:04 PM
I have nothing to complain about, amazing work! N/A
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By Duece on
THats pretty cool but a little disturbing!
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By Greeting from Vicky on
Hi Thomas! This is really a cool gangster and you made it very special.I like this scarry gangster. When you have more of this can you mail me than pleace? Bye bye from Holland
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By Nado Bado on
nice photo , good job , could you tell us about the techniques and filters used to prepare and finishing this paint .
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By M. Masoumi on
Dear Sir, I take the opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your extraordinarily exquisite masterpieces. This is an exaggeration nor ... , yet pure truth. My team and I in Iran so zealously fond of Lightwave and its magical potentialities and the 3D works resulting. See sir, whatsoever achievement (if it can be called an achievement at all) we have gained was due to an internal and a completely personal desire and keenness. Lack of relevant sources, books, works, film and so on have kept us unfortunately for from the new techniques and methods and personally we believe this deprivation and negative results. Yet not to get state and become stagnant, we stick at every source on which we can lay hands. Seeing your astounding work on PINKERTON 1 and finding your address, we though it would be crazy to lose a second. So we earnestly implore you to first consider our love important and then to help us in this regard. Any help of you is highly appreciated and never forgotten. We do hope this would be a nice start for us. Eagerly and impatiently waiting for your kind reply. Truly yours, M. Masoumi Manager 12, Ozgol Alley, Shir Mohammad St. , Rey Ave., 11737 Tehran, Iran E-mail: RABET@mavara.com
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By pugsoft on
not bad. But it looks a little too marvel comic to me. Lay off the wrinkels.
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By Den on
What the hell was T. Deschenes, trying to convey? Did you understand any of his pathetic rantings...cuz I am totally lost! Good model by the way...
Re: Thomas A. Szakolczay
By grimsby10 on
i love it. its so realistic. it must look like the artist its self.
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