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Name Stephane Belin
Age N/A
Born France
Email contact@stephanebelin.com
Homepage www.stephanebelin.com

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Re: Stephane Belin
By michael on Jun 17, 2005 01:40 AM
well, I dont know about the other posting people here, but I do speak english, and Im a 3d animator, thank you very much. I like the art of Stephane Belin, especially the 3d cities, with much detail. Good luck using lightwave, and it seems you have an understanding of the use of textures and rendering n that application. Very nice work, you are making us very proud of what can be achieved with 3d animation. Excellent work. "Bon". (very good!). www.ESCstudios.com

Re: Stephane Belin
By on Mar 19, 2005 02:08 PM
Re: Stephane Belin
By on Mar 11, 2005 10:38 AM
Re: Stephane Belin
By on Jan 20, 2005 09:14 PM
Re: Stephane Belin
By jake on Dec 13, 2004 03:37 AM
wow.... i am at awe haha... its been a while since i've been here and i just caught your picture today and felt that i hate to comment on leaving the fifties.
Re: Stephane Belin
By Monthy on Oct 24, 2004 06:06 AM
It´s a good work and keep on working girl!!!
I thionk you are brilliant and you have diferents interests and I think it´s a good think for work more and more...
Re: Stephane Belin
By johntron on Oct 08, 2004 02:03 AM
Leaving the Fifties is awesome
Re: Stephane Belin
By sylvain J. on Oct 02, 2004 03:24 PM
Bonjour stéphane.
je m'appelle sylvain, et je fais des études d'arts au lycée Montplaisir. Nous travaillons sur lightwave, en première et terminal, et je trouve que "Leaving the Fifties" est superbe!
J'adore cette ambience rétro mais également futuriste avec les building en arrière-plan.
Les effets de lumières sont magnifiques et les couleurs envoutantes.
toutes les autres images sont belles et j'avoue que "A Day Passes By" est aussi envoutante, avec une lumière "divine" et des tons pastelles splendide.
Si tu as des conseils sur lightwave pour modéliser une ville aussi magnifique, je suis preneur ;-)
Je laisse mon e-mail pour une éventuelle réponse. merci d'avance et encore bravo!
Re: Stephane Belin
By Jia Min on Sep 27, 2004 09:44 AM
i like vertigo man, its good. Just by looking at the picture, i can feel giddy as though i'm standing at the top of that bridge looking far down.
Re: Stephane Belin
By on Aug 18, 2004 08:49 AM
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