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Name Didier Florentz
Age N/A
Born France
Email elfwind@free.fr
Homepage elfwind.free.fr

Artist Interview

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Re: Didier Florentz
By joe lindsey on May 14, 2007 03:36 PM
fuck you you gay fer
Re: Didier Florentz
By The Uknown on Sep 28, 2006 05:11 AM
wow, very nice..
Re: Didier Florentz
By Silver on Mar 21, 2006 06:24 AM
very nice, just wish they could be bigger
Re: Didier Florentz
By Daniel on Feb 22, 2006 05:34 PM
friggin richeous...amazing
Re: Didier Florentz
By on Dec 23, 2005 11:45 AM
Superbe Baudelaire. Continue comme ša.
Re: Didier Florentz
By gem on Nov 04, 2005 05:20 AM
La nouvelle Chair.....can i just ask....why does the 10 ft tall man-thing in the tube have a gun??? havn't those people in the picture watched enough sci-fi movies to know that's not usually a good idea since they're always the ones to die first, killed by the 10 ft tall man-thing with a big gun??? ;)
...just joking :)
Re: Didier Florentz
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:18 PM
Re: Didier Florentz
By blindhamster on Apr 18, 2005 02:41 PM
nice work
Re: Didier Florentz
By Die frogs, die! on Apr 01, 2005 03:45 AM
She looks cold.
Re: Didier Florentz
By Rusty Florentz on Mar 24, 2005 04:29 PM
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