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Name Adam Marquis
Age N/A
Born USA
Email amarquis@apc.net
Homepage members.xoom.com/redearth3d

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Re: Adam Marquis
By on Mar 01, 2001 06:19 PM
I like it! The lighting is cool!
Re: Adam Marquis
By on
I like it! The lighting is cool!
Re: Adam Marquis
By Beofli on
unbelievable! Best model I've ever seen.... Don't know why, sorry.
Re: Adam Marquis
By Chomxxo on
I love the simplicity of the model though. It is an elegant form and has twice the beauty of a gamer-bot stuffed with guns. Excellent lighting gives the machine a spiritual quality. I worship technology.
Re: Adam Marquis
By Luís Santos on
I love the post rendering filter you gave to the picture, looks great.And the background is very good 2!keep up the good work...
Re: Adam Marquis
By Kottelat Guy on
L'image et la lumière est magnifique, mais je voudrais vous dire que j'habite en Suisse à CH-2827 Mervelier et que les "Marquis" sont originaires de ce petit village de 500 habitants. Ma grand-mère s'appellait Maria Marquis.Slutations.Guy
Re: Adam Marquis
By erik alstad on
Wow, I really like that image, but hey, where are the arms?? very cool!
Re: Adam Marquis
By Bo Opfer on
Very cool would like to see some more!
Re: Adam Marquis
By mehdi masoumi on
I love lightwave very very very but i don't have enought money to buy a powerful computer and you are rich please send a computer to me tanks if you are agree you are a .....
Re: Adam Marquis
By Troy Steuwer on
Dear Mr. Marquis, AWsome pic, wish your site was working! But its not, so nice pic and I hope to see some more work from you later, bye.
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