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Name Louis Katz
Age N/A
Born USA
Email lkatz22@aol.com
Homepage www.louiskatz.com

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Re: Louis Katz
By nuf on Jun 05, 2001 07:16 PM
Your water is the best I've seen, so far, on this site! As for the boat, awsome work!
Re: Louis Katz
By Andy on
Great image. It looks R-E-A-L to me
Re: Louis Katz
By Cypher666 on
This is the best piece of work I have seen yet. I could swear it was a photo if it was not for the water. I think you could have done better in this department as the bump map doesn't quite fit correctly.
Re: Louis Katz
By Tony on
Excelent work. I didnt notice at first but I too agree with Dmitri.
Re: Louis Katz
By Dean Hamer on
I agree with Dmitri if you look at the boat below it, it looks like a mirror and above looks well above looks rather life like i think maybe you could tone down the reflextivness of the water but the boats a great looking model
Re: Louis Katz
By Chauwa Steel on
Awesome peice. Might wanna look at some high speed photography to see how motion works in real life to fool the eye even better i.e. blur, lighting etc. Otherwise great peice. You are totally on your way to photorealistic work!
Re: Louis Katz
By Kyle Smith on
This is an amazing piece of art... true it needs some work... the water in front.... the logo needs to be blurred a tad... and just a suggestion... add some water droplets to the boat and something in the water to put the boat into perspective
Re: Louis Katz
By Zoolicious on
FORGET what everyone else says !!!! Perfect !!! I too have a boat design like that one, so please email me ASAP !! Cya P.S Excellent modeleing and detail !!!
Re: Louis Katz
By on
dont listen to eden, there is no need for motion blur, its just a high speed cam taking the picture thats all
Re: Louis Katz
By Joe L on
Louis: Did you go to Alhambra high school? IF so, please contact me. I sat next to you in English lit and you inspired me to become a writer.
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