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Name Johan Rimér
Age N/A
Born Sweden
Email 3d@palladium.se
Homepage N/A

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Re: Johan Rimér
By rd on May 04, 2002 12:00 AM
the sattelite is veryg ood, but the t-rex isnt that very good, you would be better with creating future things like in starwars etc...

I gave you a 10
Re: Johan Rimér
By crash override on Feb 07, 2002 05:25 PM
I think they look pretty real like you we're there takking the picture. good job
Re: Johan Rimér
By jade on Aug 23, 2001 04:15 PM
THe pic are great the Satelit is wonderfully done nice lighting and color. Ture form. The touches to the T-rex is great wondreful form on the body built it just right. But for somereason the eyes don't look quite right. But other then that wonderful job. keep up the good work.
Re: Johan Rimér
By chia on Jun 06, 2001 06:02 PM
It's a very nice job!!!:)
I'm like it so much.
I would like to ask u, do u have any reference photo for satelite, if u have could u please send to me cos i need this for my job......thanksssss.

Re: Johan Rimér
By Gary Morris on May 23, 2001 08:23 AM
I think the satellite is the better of the two renderings - so much detail it's mindblowing! A good all round feel to viewing the thing from a spacestation.... Jolly good show as us Brits like to say!
Re: Johan Rimér
By labmonkey on Mar 28, 2001 06:24 PM
haha....Ztv...fin detalj
Re: Johan Rimér
By Jonte on Mar 13, 2001 07:58 AM
Wow!! snygga bilder.
T-REX är min favorit!
hoppas att du jobbar på lika bra!!
Re: Johan Rimér
By mike on Mar 04, 2001 10:19 AM
Wow! the 3-d effect is better than actual photos from space - good job
Re: Johan Rimér
By Nitzan on Feb 19, 2001 08:31 AM
hehe, i liked the idea of using a real background and adding 3D praphics on it, beautiful job. Very Scary T-Rex =)

Re: Johan Rimér
By Jonte on
Wow!! snygga bilder.T-REX är min favorit!hoppas att du jobbar på lika bra!!
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